Your Trusted

Cryptocurrency Partner


Millentrix Will Offer

Multiple Debit Cards

Multiple debit card options to let you use your preferred currency

24/7 Support 

We are available to help you when you find yourself facing any questions. You can contact us anytime from anywhere: via phone, chat or email

Analytics Tools

Our advanced analytics tools help you make smarter decisions with your money

Business Accounts

With Millentrix, you can receive crypto and fiat payments directly to your business account – online, and PoS (point of sale)

Cash Deposits

Visit one of our many brick and mortar locations or make a wire transfer to make cash deposits easily

Physical Branches

Contrary to many online businesses, we’ll have brick and mortar locations to serve and help you with any kind of transaction


Our advanced security team guarantees the safety of your money and privacy. Your account is kept safer than a vault by the top security protocols we follow

Immediate Transfers

We allow fast and easy cryptocurrency transfers between Millentrix accounts using your preferred currency


First Crypto-Fiat Financial Institution

Our vision is to become the leading user-friendly cryptocurrency management service: accessible, secure, and easy to use. We give our customers confidence when managing their digital finances by providing 24/7 professional services alongside an intuitive online platform. Our physical locations will further increase accessibility. We hope to make cryptocurrency management second nature.


We Believe in Simplicity

We believe innovation comes from solving complex problems with simple and intuitive methods. Our mission is to make advanced financial services accessible to every person in an ever-changing digital era. We create simplified and easy-to-use platforms for people to manage and invest their digital money in the most intuitive and convenient ways possible.

Managing Cryptocurrency Simplified

Accessible, secure, and easy-to-use

Easily Buy, Trade & Manage Cryptocurrencies

Millentrix is here for the experienced and novice cryptocurrency traders alike.

  • Buy & exchange cryptocurrency easily

  • 24/7 support, via email, phone or Skype

  • Next generation security, keeping your data and money safe and secure

  • A simplified and easy-to-use platform for buying, selling and managing cryptocurrencies

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