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in the Cryptocurrency Era


Millentrix Benefits

Multiple kinds of Debit Cards

We offer various debit cards that suit your needs, which allows you to use your preferred currency

Support Center 24/7/365

Our team is ready to help whenever you need support! You can contact us anytime from anywhere, via phone, skype, chat or email

Analysis tools

You are provided with advanced analysis tools to allow smart decision making regarding your money

Business Accounts

With Millentrix, you can receive crypto and fiat payments directly to your business account, online and on PoS (point of sale)

Cash Deposits

Cash deposits should be easy and convenient, and we make that happen via wire transfer or at one of our many physical branches

Physical branches

Unique from many online businesses, we have real branches that are open for people to make transactions, deposits, and receive help from team members


Our advanced security team ensures your money and privacy remains yours. Using top security protocols and methodologies, we keep your account safer than a vault

Immediate Transfers

We allow fast & easy money transfers between Millentrix accounts using your preferred currency


Cryptocurrency regulated bank

Our vision is to become the leading user-friendly cryptocurrency management service: accessible, secure, and easy to use. We want to help our customers feel confident when working with their digital finances by having professional services available 24/7 and an intuitive online platform. We also have physical branches, because we believe in approachability. We hope to make cryptocurrency management simply second-nature.


We belive in Simplicity

We believe innovation derives from solving complicated problems using simple and intuitive methods. Our mission is to make advanced financial services accessible to the every person in an ever-changing digital era. We create simplified and easy-to-use platforms for people to manage and invest their digital and fiat money in the most intuitive and convenient ways possible.

Exchanging Cryptocurrency Simplified

Accessible, secure, and easy-to-use

Easily Buy, Trade & Manage Cryptocurrencies

Whether you are experienced or entirely new to
trading & managing cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and alike),
Millentrix got you covered.

  • Buy & Exchange cryptocurrency easily

  • 24/7/365 personal support, via email, phone or Skype

  • Next-gen security, keeping your data and money safe and secure

  • A simplified & easy-to-use platform for buying, selling and managing cryptocurrencies



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